Slovenia is European Region Of Gastronomy 2021


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Shop the very best Slovenian food and wine - including our curated hampers - delivered to your door across the EU.


Travel with Cultisan for unique, immersive 4 & 7 day food adventures to Slovenia meeting the people behind the products. Watch exclusive content as we travel and meet the producers and chefs that define the region.

Our mission is to make convenience fair, enjoyable, and sustainable, by creating a transparent, farmers market in the palm of your hand.

Imagine being able to buy from, and learn about, all of the finest farmers, food and wine makers in the world. Hidden gems you normally only discover on vacation. Do it knowing they are being paid a fair price for their hard work and wonderful products and that everyone; customers, producers and employees, are being treated fairly.

Slovenia first, then beyond.

Why Love Cultisan?


It's never been easier to discover the rarest, finest food and wine and have it delivered to your doorstep. But it's more than shopping, it's about people not brands, getting to know the makers and enjoying the journey of unearthing these wonderful people and products.


Cultisan lets producers set their price. We have a simple commitment to not exploit or generally behave poorly to the producers we exist to support. It's not that hard. Plus our model means we can still offer you, the consumer, fair prices.


We don't just search out the best farmers and makers we also work with the best chefs and sommeliers. These are the people that know their terroir, their land, their producers. Cultisan is based on knowledge not opinions.

Did you know : 1 in every 200 Slovenians are bee keepers...

Slovenia is a nation of bee keepers and is also the only European Union Member State to have protected its native bee, the Carniolan bee. The Carniolan bee is famed for its docility, hard work, humility and excellent sense of orientation.

More of a humble bee than a bumble bee (sorry).

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